The Best Place in the World for Small Plants!

The Best Place in the World for Small Plants!

Sometimes in life, you know you’ve found something great.

When, as a contractor, you are looking for a new supplier you have certain items in mind to look for. When one or two of these items shows up, you breathe a sigh of relief. When all of your evaluation criteria is passed, you get excited.

This is the case when I stumbled upon the people at Classy Ground Covers.

  1. Dedicated to one type of market (they are specialists). Check.
  2. Affordable shipping. Check.
  3. Good customer service. Check.
  4. No nonsense ordering. Check.
  5. Superior products. I’m getting excited.

The Classy Groundcovers website is setup so that you can narrow down your search to only plants which fit your exact specifications in mere seconds. Selection becomes a breeze, and checkout takes only another few seconds. I received my order right away, and it was completely correct – plus the plants were in great shape and are taking well.

Honestly, I couldn’t really ask for more.

Five stars, Class Ground Covers.

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I own – and I've been doing landscaping since 2003. My specialties are the 3D models I create for customers on major projects, water features, custom concrete, retaining walls and patios. I have always made it my goal to increase my knowledge and skill indefinitely. I am eager to learn from those above me and lend a hand in teaching those who are willing to learn.