Can't afford an indoor air purifier but still want to lighten the load on your lungs?


The Bite:

Get plants to do the dirty work. Certain types of houseplants are great home air filters. After the dust settles from Spring Cleaning Week, pick up some indoor plants to keep the air you breathe clean and clear.

The Benefits: 
  • It doesn’t take a forest to clean the air in your home, just one plant for every 10 square yards.
  • Plants like Philodendrons and Peace Lilies absorb airborne pollutants, but cat-owners beware—some of these plants can poison your puss.
  • Up the amount of toxins that your houseplants filter by removing the lower leaves and exposing more soil.
  • Work your plants overtime. Mixing in orchids and other night-photosynthesizing plants creates a constant filtration system.
Personally Speaking: 

Heather has a problem: if she goes to the supermarket and sees wilting, sad, unloved houseplants for sale, she feels a compulsion to “rescue” them. Because of this, the air in her apartment is getting pretty clean, but it’s getting a little hard to navigate around the pots.

Wanna Try: 

Cocktail Fact

Growing over 130 feet tall, bamboo is the world's tallest grass.

Bang For The Bite

If 10,000 Biters unplugged their 24-hour electric air purifiers in favor of air-filtering plants, the resulting 860,000 kWh could power a 29-story office building for a month.

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