Classy Groundcovers sells high-quality perennial plants direct to US customers.

We bypass middlemen and ship directly from our nursery to our customers. We pass on the savings to customers in the form of low prices and free expedited shipping (only 1-3 days in transit).

We are proud to be rated "Top 30" for more than ten years (of the more than 7000 online gardening vendors) by one of the internet's top gardening resources: Dave's Garden.

If you have an audience that may be interested in gardening, you can earn a lot of money by telling them about us.

Our affiliates receive 20% commissions on orders placed on this site (and 5% commissions on sales from affiliates that sign up under them).

Commissions are automatically paid monthly if your accrued commission is $100 or more. You may request payment of your commission at any time.

We need a completed page 1 of IRS Form W-9 to disburse more than $600 in a calendar year. Get the IRS Form W-9 from IRS or us, complete it, and mail us a copy to insure uninterrupted payments. See our contact page for our address.

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