Why Become a ClassyGroundcovers Affiliate?

Classy Groundcovers is one of the nation's leading online perennial plant providers. Rated Top 30 by Dave's Garden out of over 7,000 online vendors, Classy Groundcovers removes the cost of the middleman by shipping directly from the nursery to our customers. We pass the savings onto the consumer in the form of low prices and free expedited shipping. Affiliates of Classy Groundcovers not only enjoy one of the highest commission rates online, they also enjoy knowing the products they are associating with are top quality and have been top rated for years.


If your organization wants to raise funds, we can help! We can send you flyers to give out: either collect orders or give people a custom discount code that they can use to buy directly from us. Either way you collect a 20% commission for your organization. Contact us if you want to arrange flyers or a custom discount code.

How Are Commissions Paid?

Great question. At Classy Groundcovers we make that part easy. As long as you accrue more than $100 monthly, we will auto-pay you each month. If you earn less than $100 or you wish to be paid sooner, you can request payment at any time. You’ll earn 20% on orders placed on our site and 5% commission on sales from affiliates that sign up under you. If you earn more than $600 per calendar year you will need to complete page 1 of IRS Form W-9 and mail us a copy to insure uninterrupted payments. See our contact page for our address.

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Your privacy is important to us, we will not send you any unnecessary email. If you wish to be advised of our sales (2-4 times per year), join our mail list.