Goes well with Wintercreeper

English Ivy {Bare Root Plants, min 50}
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The quintessential, glossy-green ivy. Fast-growing, evergreen vine. Emerald foliage with prominent veins. Perfect covering slopes and climbing structures. Mature height 6-12", can climb 30-40 feet.
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False Spirea (White) {Bare Root Plants, min 10}
10 - 24: $7.47 each  |  25 - 99: $7.07 each
(False Goatsbeard) Waves of white blossoms appear like cloudy feathers on flower spikes (May-July) amidst vibrant saw-toothed foliage. Grows in shade, 18-24".
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Ostrich Fern {Bare Root Plants, min 10}
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(Fiddlehead/Garden/Hardy/Shuttlecock Fern) Vibrant chartreuse fronds arch gracefully outward into a symmetric clump. Dramatic for foliage backdrops, foundation and boundary plantings. 36-72" tall.
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White Cone Flower {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}
25 - 249: $7.77 each  |  250 - 999: $7.47 each
(Alba Coneflower) Fragrant and wonderful, large (to 4 1/2") white flowers abound from early summer into early autumn with prominent coppery-green central cones. 24-36" tall.
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