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[posted at Dave's Garden] This was my first order with CG and I was very impressed with the quality and maturity of the plants, as well as the care taken in packing them for shipping. They arrived even sooner than I expected, in excellent condition. The plants themselves are the most lush, healthy plants I've ever received from an online vendor. I would definitely recommend this company to others considering this line of plants. - Kathryn Martin, Surfside Beach, SC

[posted at Dave's Garden] 1100 ajuga reptans is what I figured would be needed for a perfect groundcover on a hillside coming up my driveway. With a little trepidation I placed the order to be shipped on the following Monday. I needn't have worried. By Wednesday afternoon the order had been delivered. Classy Groundcovers had met and exceeded my expectations. Every single plant arrived in pristine condtion. The plants were larger, healthier, and less expensive the ones I looked at just last week at my local nursery. The price difference was nearly 30 percent. My hat is off to a company that still believes the the best business plan is to satisfy the customer with prompt and efficient service, combined with a competively priced quality product. - Walt M., West Newton, PA

The Christmas Ferns were delivered yesterday in the late afternoon four days after being ordered. Having mail ordered plants for the last 50 years and also having had my own perennial/ native plant business for 10 years, I just wanted you to know that the plants you have sent are of exceptional quality. They arrived wrapped in damp long fiber sphagnum and well cushioned in newspaper and in perfect condition. Thank you for caring enough to to do it right. The 25 bare root Polystichum acrostichoides will be planted in my woods today. I will be ordering from you in the future. - C. C., Narragansett, RI

Over the last year I have ordered the following from Classy Groundcovers: Bare root Dwarf Mondo Grass plants, Bare root Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' plants, Potted Creeping Phlox ‘Snowflake plants, and Potted Mondo Grass plants. I have spent over $450 in purchases from mid-2016 through spring 2017 . . . so far. I am convinced that my money was well spent. Everything was shipped promptly, arrived quickly, was packed carefully, and all the plants arrived in great condition and have thrived. I HIGHLY recommend Class Groundcovers to anyone. They have proven to me that they provide quality products and great service. Those are two things I prize in any vendor. Classy Groundcovers excels at them. And I will be purchasing more plants in the future. Why would I ever want to go anywhere else? - Bruce Helsel, Orlando, FL

I ordered 100 Purple Wintercreepers over the weekend with some reservation about doing so. I had no idea of who Classy Ground Covers were etc. I have ordered from other mail order plant companies and was disappointed, But I needed at least 100 plants and the cost differential between the local nursery and Classy Ground Covers was significant, and the local nursery did not have enough stock. The plants arrived 5 days later, absolutely beautiful plants, fresh, sturdy, large roots and very well packed. I couldn't have been more pleased. Great Product, on time delivery, very reasonable pricing, The bare roots worked very well, probably even better than potted plants. Drilled planting holes with a tulip bit and cordless drill, done in 2 hours. I will be ordering more. - Buzz Lee, Rockville, IN

The liriope arrived as scheduled last Thursday and I planted it all last Friday. Every single plant was perfect! This has been the case on every order I have received from you. To date, I have not lost a single plant (and at this point I'm pretty sure I'm well over the 1,000 plant mark). Liriope is obviously a hardy plant, but I have purchased liriope from several other places over the years, and your plants are the only ones that have had 100% success. Not only have they survived - they have thrived, thickened, spread, and bloomed each year! For that I thank you. - Sandy L, Springfield, IL

I purchased 48 phlox plants from you last week. They arrived incredibly fast. I have ordered plants (in pots, as bare root, bulbs, and seeds) on line and before that from catalogues for years. I have NEVER seen any as carefully packed, or as healthy as these. They went into the ground Thursday and every single one of them was immediately settled and perky - three days later there is not a wilted leaf. You are amazing. Thank you. Also, the hat and spade is a nice touch. The important thing is the awesome quality of the plants and the careful shipping. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. - Joy VanHouten, MI

I received my order, 70 vinca minor plants and 24 sedum plants in excellent condition and very quick delivery. I also received the beautiful hat and high quality planting spade. Classy gifts from a classy organization. Before ordering the ground cover plants from Classy Groundcovers, I had purchased a few plants from my local nursery but I was not able to purchase enough plants to complete my project, so I placed my order with your nursery. Your plants were so lush and full that they put the local nursery plants to shame, so I pulled those out and replaced them with ones that I received from you. I will definitely order from you again and so will my neighbors who have already stopped by to admire the plants. Thanks again! - Rich, Tinley Park, Illinois

Just wanted to let you know what a first-rate experience it has been working with you! The 4 boxes of plants arrived quickly and in perfect shape. We were able to plant them over the weekend, and every single plant (out of 280 plants) was healthy. That gave them a real headstart to success in the garden.
Also, the cap and trowel were a fun surprise, and came in very handy while putting nearly 300 plants into the ground on a sunny afternoon!
You went above and beyond our expectations and we have already begun recommending you to friends and neighbors. Thanks for a really great experience! - Kathryn H. and Wayne C, Rock Hill, SC

Classy doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about your firm. From the freshness of the plants I received, to the additional number of plants in the order, through the speediest shipping (at no charge) I've ever received, to the wonderful surprise gift package I received with the trowel, hat, and hose spinkler. You folks are amazing. I've put your card on our bulletin board and told our landscaping department to check out your site. What a wonderful experience!!! - Harold Klein, Orlando, Florida

I simply can't believe the customer service you provided since yesterday. If you ever needed a testimonial, you have it here. To not only have you prepare your staff or customer relations of my need to increase my order prior to shipment, but to also have someone that at the sound of my voice knew my name and stated he knew that I needed to add to my order was incredible. It truly makes me feel as though I am dealing with friends. Kevin is without a doubt an asset to your company and was the most professional in dealing with my needs. Simply great. I have never used your service before now but you can rest assured that this is but the first of many orders to come with service such as yours. I too am in the people business and to see your respect for our business is refreshing. Thank you again and I look forward to our continued relationship. - Paul Wood - 4W FARMS - Lufkin, Texas

I placed my first order with you on Sunday night--with much trepidation. The only time prior to this that I have ordered plants on line was from Spring Hill Nursery and I was so disappointed I vowed never to do it again. The reason I took another shot at this process was because of your customer comments--and your low prices. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with both your service level and the quality of your plants. My order was on my porch when I came home from work on Wednesday and the plants were great. I'm placing my second order this weekend and recommending you to all of my gardening friends. Thank you for being a business that does what it says it will do! Tipp City, OH Gardener

My daughter is NOT a gardener (yet) and in her new yard has been digging a hole for one annual plant her, one there, etc - so she has a bunch of little dying annuals - for her birthday present I decided to get her some daylilies (figured she couldn't kill them) I've been ordering named varieties for as much as $15 per plant - but for this project decided to order online the "most for the money" I could find - and landed (fortunately) on your site... Ordered last week, mailed a check (since I didn't know you), plants then shipped Monday, arrived Tuesday, and I went over yesterday (Wednesday) to set out. I fully expected that 1) the order would be short some plants (NOPE, they more a couple more than 50 ....2) they would be tiny (NOPE, they were better sized than the expensive one I order 3)they would NOT be in good condition - expected to be able to use 1/2 to 2/3, the amount that are viable from other mail order companies. ALL PLANTS WERE LARGE, EXCELLENT CONDITION AND READY TO GO! Spent the afternoon setting out. Now my daughter has a lovely (I'm POSITIVE) bed in the back. WE'RE LOOKING AT ESTABLISHING MORE BEDS JUST TO UTILIZE YOUR PLANTS! WILL NEVER ORDER FROM ANYONE ELSE AGAIN THE ITEMS THAT YOU CARRY!!!! We are "SOLD FOREVER" on Classy Groundcovers!!! Keep up the good work! Thank you! Susan M., Columbia, South Carolina

My husband and I recently purchased Carolina Jasmine from your company (48 of them). The plants were absolutely GORGEOUS, in mint condition and shipped overnight with no charge. And you gave us some very nice gifts to boot. We are very impressed with your products, and after dealing with another company in Georgia that charged us 94.00 shipping for an order that was 350.00, we will be using Classy Groundcovers in the future. Thank you for your quality products and quality business practices. - The Daytons, Charlotte, NC

I received my second order from you yesterday. I AM SO PLEASED!! You sent me 19 more plants than I ordered. AND THEY ARE HUGE!! AND THEY WERE YOUR CLEARANCE ITEMS!!!! I had ordered 40 daylilies from Burgess online. They arrived in a 6 x 9 envelope and were dried up and small. YOUR PLANTS WERE HUGE! I have ordered many times from Michigan Bulb, Brecks, Springhill...you put them all to shame! Will definitely return time and again to your site. Cathy, Umpire, AR

My order arrived yesterday and I am nothing short of amazed at the quality of the materials you shipped me! The root systems on the hedera baltica are incredibly well developed. I thought I would be receiving small plants that I could pop into 2" pots. No such luck! I had to make an emergency run to Agway and pick up large pots! The crowns of the ferns are also much larger than I expected. You sure know how to take care of your customers. I will be telling all my gardening friends about you. Keep up the great work! Many thanks - Roxann D. of Waterville, Maine

I just had to write and let you know how very happy I was with my plants. They arrived in wonderful condition and were much bigger than I expected. I'm an avid gardener and have purchased plants from many places on the web. But no one can compare with your quality. I'll tell all my gardening friends about you. - Peggy LaRue, Columbus, OH

I received my order today. As always the plants are in superb, healthy condition. I have had excellent success with all the plants I have ordered from your company this year. Compared to any other on-line gardening company I have had the best overall success with CG ranging from price, shipping, plant quality, etc. Thanks, Carol Nolan, Callahan, FL

I just received my daylilies and they look great! Thanks for the bundles packed so carefully. It makes it easy to take just a few at a time so as not to allow the plants to dry out on this windy day. The lillies are so nicely rooted I'm sure they will transplant well. All you need to include are some epsom salts for the sore back I'll sport this evening from all the work. No, seriously, thanks for sending such healthy plants. DF from Shenandoah Valley, VA.

I 'heard' about your company and read through the customer comment section....I 'took a chance' and ordered several varieties of creeping phlox...I COULD NOT HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER SERVICE. THE PLANTS ARRIVED GREEN AND IN PERFECT CONDITION, PROMPTLY AND WELL PACKAGED. I would not hestitate to order from you folks again. Thanks!!! - Sue Adamski

I ordered 500 bare root Pachysandra and 250 bare root dwarf monkey grass groundcover plants from "Classy Groundcovers" They were shipped right away, and Kevin there responded promptly to my email queries about when the order would be shipped. The plants arrived in fine shape and I planted them the next day. That was about 3-4 weeks ago now, and so far, every plant has survived. Classy Groundcovers has a nice selection of groundcover varieties at excellent prices, and the service was excellent. I recommend them! Charles Fried, Houston TX

Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the plants we received! We had ordered several of the same plants (wintercreeper) from Springhill Nursery before we found your website. Your plants look much better, were much less expensive, and no shipping charges. Wish we had found you guys first! We will definitely buy from your company again. Mary Sullivan

I just had to write and tell you just how pleased I am with your company. All my questions were so quickly answered and the daylilies shipped quickly out. UPS accidentally left my package at my neighbors house by mistake (i live in an area where that is common)and I didn't get to plant them until a week later, but they are the happiest looking plants. I've even had my first five blooms---and they've been in the ground only about ten days! Thank you so much for providing a quality product. I've told all my gardening friends about you, and hope to do business again soon. Erin McClellan

I could relate to the comments made by some of your customers. I too was unsure of ordering plants from an unknown source. Thank you for reaffirming my belief in people. The plants arrived yesterday and they look as if they had just been dug and potted. All are beautiful and healthy and I am hoping for a great display on the berm of our new community "rain garden". I will order from your company again. Thank you. Sandra, Chicago

Thank You Classy Ground Covers for delivering such wonderful plants. I ordered liriope and it came in perfect condition and good height too. Definitely will use you again. Great prices and wonderful selection of groundcovers. I will highly recommend you to all my garden lovers. Kathy Pedersen, Dacula, GA

I don't remember how I found you on the internet but I am very happy that I did. The plants are lovely and in wonderful condition. They have been planted in the ground already and I used the planting tool that you sent me while I wore my new hat. As I am 71 years old, I am sure that my neighbors thought I was suffering from senile dementia. If I need any more groundcovers, I know where to get the best as well as the best service. Thank you! Miriam Cholewczynski

I would like to take this time to thank you for the beautiful ferns. They were much larger than I ever expected!!!! And leave it to Classy Ground Covers to carry a Fern that will grow in sun. Also, the Lily of the Valleys were wonderful, lots of foliage, and some are blooming in just a week after shipment. Once again thank you for your fast and courteous shipments. I can always count on you. Kathy Pedersen, Dacula, GA

I am so happy with my order of 80 Asiatic Jasmine plants! When I placed my order for 2 1/4" pots, I was worried that the plants would be small. But their size was great and they were so healthy looking. I placed my order on a Monday evening and I got the plants by Wednesday at 3 pm. Wow, that's speedy service. I live in an area with no nursery service (unless you count Walmart) so finding your company was wonderful. I'll definitely spread your company's name to my friends. Thanks for the great plants and for the great service!! L. Tucci, Jacksons Gap AL

I am very impressed with my recent order from ClassyGroundcovers. The plants arrived today, even though they were left on my front porch in the blazing 85 degree sunshine (no fault of yours by any means) they looked good. The quality and quantity was a nice surprise. Thank you for the speedy delivery and the extra plants! I will surely remember your company for my future plants needs. Again thank you, a very satisfied customer, Jeffrey Meeks, Grimesland, NC.

Thank you so much Classy Groundcovers. The daylilies we ordered were terrific. I purchased numerous times and each order was packaged great and delivered quickly. Think we'd purchased around 1000 or so in the several orders. We even had one of these new daylily bloom this fall...a very nice surprise. We look forward to the rainbow of colors next summer. I highly recommend Classy Groundcovers to all gardeners. Happy gardening! Mary Shafer, Clare MI

Ordered Sunday and received the plants Wednesday and planted immediately. Your packaging of the plants was excellent and I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality, freshness, and size of the plants. Very nice. Will be keeping you in my Favorites list for future plants. Thank you for the prompt service and great looking plants. Bill Brosious, Harrisburg, PA

The daylily plants that you sent me were great, and the hostas were huge. I've bought from several vendors this fall as I have a large area to cover. Yours look far and away the biggest and best. I can't wait to see the colors next spring/summer. I've referred several friends to your site to buy plants. Keep up the great work. Dave K, Vestavia Hills, AL

I just wanted to thank you for prompt delivery of my order yesterday. The plants are beautiful. They were packaged with care, and arrived fresh and full of life. I would also like to kindly thank you for the surprise I received today...the hand spade and hat are very nice and most thoughtful. What a kind gesture! You folks are the best. I am glad I found you, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again. With Kind Regards, Tim Osborne, Charleston, SC

I wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled we were with our English Ivy plants. As recommended, we delayed shipment until after September 15th and anxiously had to wait two months for their delivery. With all that being said, your customer service is as stellar as your plants. The plants were well worth the wait. I wouldn't hesitate ordering or recommending your company to others. Thanks, Nancy - Laurel, DE.

The shipment arrived today as you stated - all the plants were in GREAT condition and looked to be very healthy stock. It's nice to be able to deal with such a great company. I will not only use you for future purchases, but will pass the word to other "green thumbs" as myself! Thank you VERY much! Bob Rhoades - Severn, MD

I was thinking that I would send you an e-mail to tell you how impressed I was with the plants, the packaging, and the quick shipping. The plants arrived looking like they were still growing in the ground. Plump and green with no wilting of the leaves, or shriveling of the roots. As I look out on them now, less than 24 hours after planting they are standing tall, and happy. I have no doubt that everyone of them will survive and flourish, and that most will probably bloom next summer. Mary Jacobs - North Easton, Ma.

Just thought you should know that from the 150 Dwarf Mondo grass sprigs which arrived two weeks ago, all are growing steadily, we have lost NONE! I ordered plants and trees from four different sources at the same time, I wish all the other plants I received that week could have done as well! Many thanks for quality plants and service! - Joe Taylor, Morristown, TN

I've gone the mail order route numerous times recently with somewhat mixed results. Your plants look great, they look vigorous and were good sized. I'm very happy with my order and will certainly look to you guys again in the future. Thanks, Walt Deptula

Outstanding, healthy plants - esp for the price - will be a repeat buyer. I've also purchased from you liriope and was equally satisifed with the material, the packaging and the overall experience. I buy a lot of plant material over the web and this has been one of the better experiences. The daylillies have taken hold very quickly and I expect quite a show next year. J. Knudsen, West Virginia

Thanks - received quickly -awesome plants!!!!!! I ordered 200 daylilies from you which are outstanding! These have the best root systems and were packaged better than any plants I have ever bought online! They arrived quickly, healthy, and began to grow again shortly after planting! Thanks for the fantastic value! Julie Gibson, NJ

Thank you so much for my order! I placed it on Monday night and received it on Wednesday! The plants were so healthy, and lots of foliage. I got them in the ground as soon as the delivery man dropped them off! I have given out your website to my neighbors, so I'm sure that they will be ordering in the future, and so will I! Thank you again! Angie Jackson, Lancaster, SC

I am VERY impressed with the quality! All packaged nicely, looked GREAT, and were easy to plant. Thank you very much for being one of the first internet sites to deliver! p.s. The gifts were an extra special treat as well! J. Maring Oak Grove, MO

Great Deal! Very fast ship! Will buy again!!! 100% of the plants have come up and are growing well (even through 2 hurricanes). Scott Smith, Orlando, FL.

All of the daylillies I purchased from you are doing very well, they are already growing much better than expected - very vigorous. I will order from your company again in the future. Elizabeth Collins, Carlton PA

Just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with our groundcover. They were in great shape when they arrived and have thrived since planting. Did not lose a single one!!! And you were great to do business with. You are definitely on my list of "favorites." Jackie Meaney

The plants were packed well, had very full root systems and perked up beautifully once they were put into the ground... Robin Babbitt, Indianapolis, Indiana

Thank you for the great ground cover! I had ordered from another company about 2 years ago and had a terrible experience with their product. I have hesitated ordering plants online for that reason, but you have helped me regain faith in the plant world! Thank You So Much, Tom from Sayville, N.Y.

I got the order, you did a great job packing, and the quality was great. Thank you, I will be ordering more from you. Thank you for the great service! Dominic, IL

Excellent. You guys are quick. I like it very much. The order I just planted arrived well packaged and was in good shape for planting a few days after arriving. I will be filling in another corner of my yard and will be looking to you for that as well. Scott Seller - Fairfax, Virginia

Fast shipment of great looking plants. I highly recommend this seller. Charles Edwards

OUTSTANDING! A week after planting, they were growing beautifully! Michael Pierce of Tallahassee FL & Murphy NC.

Plants arrived in great shape and on time!! Couldn't be happier! Heidi Saufferer, Rochester, MN

Excellent seller, fast shipment, healthy plants, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! I plan to be one of your repeat customers. Thank you, Cathy Turpin, Denton NC

Lillies arrived right on time and were packaged beautifully. I am very pleased. The rhizomes looked and felt very healthy arrived promptly and I am really looking forward to bloom time!! Janet Chambers, Knoxville, Tn.


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