Review of Purple Wintercreeper {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Great customer service and healthy bare root plants
05/17/2016 By Heather A.

I have a fence that does not get direct sun and needed a ground cover/vine that could grow on cattle panel we have mounted against a 10 ft fence. I went to the website and used the chat feature to discuss options based on my zone and the soil, etc. About a week later I asked another question brought the chat feature and the agent remembered me and helped me finalize my order. The plants came quickly as were in excellent condition. They were correctly wrapped and were damp, not dried out and not water logged. We planted them the next day and they are doing great. Will update again in the future to review the performance of the purple winter creeper but as far as the company goes and the condition of the bare root plants after shipment, I could not be happier.


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