Review of Creeping Lily Turf {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

05/22/2016 By John Davis

I will try to remember to update my rating once they look like they he taken well to the soil.

I'm sure it will look beautiful after a year. That is why I thought asking me to rate them was a bit premature.
05/22/2016 Update I am not a gardener or commercial landscaper. I had asked a landscaper what would be good to plant on a small hill next to my shed which is over a man made storm drainage system. He suggested the subject plant and told me to purchase the bare root style. I did so and have them in the ground for over two weeks. So far I see no progress but I believe it will take close to a year to see the fruits of my labor. I would have liked some kind of directions in the box on how to plant and what spacing there should be but there was only the plants. I presume that is because only true gardeners and landscapers already know what to do. If they do grow, I will purchase more for the area I planted them in could use more plants. At this stage I cannot tell whether they are going to survive or not. Only time will tell. I did like the look of them by the pictures that are on the web page. Hoping for the best! I have true difficulty in choosing a "STAR" rating only because this is my first attempt and again I cannot see the final product results yet. So I'm going the middle of the road with three stars.

05/22/2016 Classy Groundcovers comment:
Re: progress, as we explained on the page you ordered from, you cannot expect much growth from bare root Liriope the first year: "Liriope is not like other perennials, it grows much slower the first year when transplanted from bare roots than from potted plants. Do not expect much growth the first season after transplanting bare roots. If you seek substantial growth the first summer after transplanting, buy potted plants."

Re: how to plant, in your order confirmation email and on the packing slip on the package you received was a link to instructions:

Re: suggested spacing, that was on the Spec tab of the page you ordered from (4-8"). The middle of that spacing will generally fill in well in most of the country within two seasons, if you live in the north (with a shorter growing season) it will take longer. If you want them to fill in faster, space them nearer to the lower end of that range; if you want to buy fewer plants and are willing to wait longer for them to fill in, space them nearer to, or at (or even beyond), the upper end of that range.

Please consider revising your rating once you see how awesome they turn out.

05/22/2016 Classy Groundcovers comment:
We ask you to rate the quality of the plants you receive. We have no control over the care and environment they get after delivery; whether they thrive or perish is more a matter of the care and environment they get than the quality of the plants themselves.


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