Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Green and healthy
05/18/2014 By Kevin Justin

When plants are packed that well and arrive as healthy as these did i would give them 6 stars if i could.
05/18/2014 Update The plants came bone dry. The roots black almost looked dead. Half the leaves turned yellow. It's like the plants were in the box a week before they shipped them to me. The picture of the bare root plants on there site showed green leaves and white roots. If i could attach a picture of what i got i would. BEWARE!!!!!!!.

05/18/2014 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:
Hi Kevin,

Why would you not contact us immediately if you had a problem?
Anything could have happened during shipment, give us a chance to fix it!

Please let us reship you new plants and then reconsider your review.


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