Review of 20% off Stunning Phlox Mix: 25 Phlox 'Drummond's Pink', 25 Phlox 'Candy Stripe', 25 Phlox 'Snowflake'

Happy Repeat Customer
06/08/2016 By Randall Agent

The Phlox plants arrived in good condition (3 boxes, 24 plants each box). I had placed the order several weeks in advance and requested a specific shipping date. Classy Groundcovers complied with my request. This is my second order with Classy Groundcovers and my first order arrived in good condition as well. Because of frost warnings I was unable to plant until about a week after delivery. The plants survived in my garage with no issues.
This order of plants was added to an existing bed of Phlox (about 2 years old). In zone 6, my experience is that the Phlox is not a fast spreader, thus this additional order. Also, Phlox does not smother other vegetation, so you must constantly pull weeds and grass to help the Phlox thrive. Adding mulch helps but does not prevent other growth within the Phlox plant itself. But, Phlox blooms beautifully beginning around the first of April and the blooms last for 4-6 weeks. It is a wonderful indication that spring is here!


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