Review of Lily Turf 'Silver Midget' {Bare Root Plants, min 25}

Healthy but very skinny plants
06/14/2016 By Eugene Gurenko

Recently I have ordered 1000 of midget lariope plants which all arrived one week later in good shape. My main disappointment has been with the fact that the company priced every single blade of grass (with roots) as a separate plant. As a result the $1 price per plant came to about $7dollars (as it takes about 7 single plants to comprise a plantable cluster that you would normally see in a local nursery). As a result the savings I planned to realize by buying the grass online from the company have not materialized. In fact I ended up paying the same price as I would have paid in the local retail plant store.

06/14/2016 Classy Groundcovers comment:
Did you not look at the photograph which clearly shows the size of the bare root plant next to a ruler?


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