Review of Dwarf Mondo Grass {25 Pots - 3 1/4 in.}

Great Product - Great Service
06/16/2016 By Celeste Peiffer

06/16/2016 This website is an incredible find! It is so convenient to have plants delivered to your front door (no matter how hard I try not to, I always spill dirt when hauling plants in and out of my car). The Dwarf Mondo Grass that I ordered arrived in perfect condition - the soil was healthy and moist and the plants were uniformly green and fulsome. The plants were very easy to remove from their individual pots (no tearing of roots or soil left behind). I planted them about a week ago, and they are doing very well. I purchased the plants for a shady area of my yard in-between a walkway and a gate that would previously collect water when it rains (I live in New Orleans - it storms every day during the summer). The results were as intended: The plants help soak up all of the rain water and prevent the soil from spreading over the walkway.

I will definitely order from Classy Groundcovers again and have recommended their site to several friends. Thanks!


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