Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {50 Bare Root plants}

little success with bare root plants
10/10/2018 By Francesco Trama

10/10/2018 I expected to receive single-rooted plants ! I found the "plant" I expected was several shoots wrapped into a "single plant" by a small rubber band. The shipment arrived on Thursday and I planted each "plant" on Friday with rubber band in tact. With no instruction, I deemed it best to keep them as a unit.

In spite of constant watering and protection from direct sunlight, many have perished and others appear to be moribund. Needless to say, I am disappointed. On the plus side, you did ship 54 "plants" in the 50 plant order. F. Trama

10/09/2018 Classy Groundcovers comment:
On the packing slip was a link to instructions and a planting tutorial.
I trust you saw in the product description that in your zone 9 they must have full shade. If they perished in less than a week they did not receive enough water. If you planted them in typical FL sandy soil they would need considerable water at least once a day, you need to watch them to know how much. If you saw them wilting they were not getting enough water (sandy soil does not retain moisture well, you need to either augment the soil or water it a LOT). The page you ordered from has photos of exactly what the plants look like when shipped, there should not have been any surprise at what you received.


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