Review of Creeping Lily Turf {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Great Quality, good site
07/21/2016 By Grounds Department

I was recommended to buy Liriope Spicata by a fellow groundsman from another instituion. I was looking at re-landscaping a bed I had inherited and I wanted to take out the old, and unkept ivy out to replace with the Creeping Lily Turf.
I had only a small time frame to do this project in and it would have been better to wait till the fall to plant, however, I was very eager to get the ivy out and I needed a replacement for it quickly.
To replace the ivy I wanted something that could grow quickly and would also look good. Not only will this lily turf do just that but it is also very hardy and will require less upkeep, make cleaning the bed easier, and will make the front entrance to the building look much cleaner, more professional, and will help it to stand out from the concrete and walls around it.
IF I were to say that anything could be changed it would be that there might be a staggering option for larger orders so that the hundreds of plants I received didn't have to be planted that day but could be planted as they came in over a few day period. I know I could have simply done several orders but I was also looking to save money and buy it all at once for the bulk price. And while it took a long time to plant all of the Lily Turf and it could have made my work slightly easier to spread it out I am very satisfied with Classy Groundcovers and will return here as soon as I need more ground cover in other places on the grounds.

07/21/2016 Classy Groundcovers comment:
You can request that a large order be split into two shipments. Use the Comments box near the shipping address when checking out.


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