Review of Dwarf Mondo Grass {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Watching and waiting
07/23/2016 By Therri

First, we want to say thanks to Classy Groundcovers for a great website and great customer service. The website is user-friendly and has lots of accessible information, including the plant-finder and plenty of clear photos of the plants.

We ordered 200 bare-root dwarf mondo plants and were pleasantly surprised to hear from your customer service rep that we'd receive 250 instead. They plants arrived looking small but healthy. They went in the ground the first weekend in May, in a very challenging location - the landscape strip between the sidewalk and the street in a residential neighborhood. This summer has been hot and dry, and the strip will pick up lots of residual road salt in the winter. The little mondos are trying to survive. Most are growing slowly but steadily. A few have died, and some have browning/yellowing leaf tips. But overall, it seems like we'll get the look that we wanted.

Neighbors are watching with interest to see how the plants are doing. Several people have asked where we got them and said they'll try the same if ours do well. So we're watering, weeding, and waiting. Go mondos!


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