Review of Shiny Japanese Spurge {50 Bare Root plants}

Pachysandra Splurge
08/30/2016 By pachysandraphile

08/30/2016 In the last twelve months I’ve ordered 700 pachysandra plants from Classy Groundcovers and continue to be impressed by the quality of their product. The 200 I ordered in Sept 2015 have filled in and are beautiful. I expect the same from the 500 I ordered in August of 2016.

These plants form a lovely shiny green carpet and grows well in low sunlight situations where grass will not do. We planted ours in a bed of rich garden soil irrigated with drip irrigation sprayers. Once established they are low maintenance. In our most recent planting we included stepping stones in the bed. The upfront investment in time and money in a bed of pachysandra pays dividends in long term low maintenance for an area that is otherwise difficult find suitable plantings.


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