Review of Golden Creeping Jenny {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

Very pleased
10/22/2018 By gramjacr

The plants arrived promptly, appearing to be in good health, despite the typical package bashing by the carrier (meaning the soil was now all over the place, rather than just around the plants). I got them planted right away, and so far so good. We were having hot weather through early October, only to have the temps drop dramatically coinciding with the plants arriving. I'm not sure what this does to the baby plants; but since they're looking okay so far, I'm staying hopeful. My home was in the path of numerous flooding rains and a spring tornado (April), leaving me with concern about soil erosion. This choice was made to help the situation on a gradual slope; so I'm hoping to see lots of spreading and good soil control 5 or 6 months from now.
The only thing I think would have made my experience nicer is if labeled markers with pertinent info were included with the plants -- even just a few for a general area if the supposition is there will be groupings of the plants.
Given the experience thus far, I feel comfortable recommending both the company and the plants. My hope is that healthy growth of the plants continues to support this.


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