Review of Blue Rug Juniper {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

Blue Rug Juniper
10/27/2016 By Ann Marie Savasta

Hi, Sorry for the delay.
My plants came over a holiday weekend, and the packaging was amazing. One box was perfect, packing / paper was still wet, and plants were healthy looking. The plants were bigger than I expected. The other box was dry, not bone dry, but packing material was damp, and the plants did not look as good as the first box- not sure why. Although they were dry, the plants did look healthy. I opened the boxes immediately and watered them, wet the packing and put them in the garage to plant the next day (arrived late in the day). I got them all in the next day- and have been watering per instruction. I do plan to order more in the spring. Overall I was very happy with these Junipers.
Keep up the good work!
Still think they were 5 star worthy!
Thank you for helping me with my "vision"
Ann Marie


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