Review of Lily Turf 'Variegated' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}

Poor customer service
03/28/2019 By Margaret Coleman (NJ)

03/28/2019 Update We've tried to reach customer service with a question about planting with freezing temperatures still here. We has assumed that the plants would be sent to us based on the hardiness zone for our area. We could never reach a person. No one replied to our phone message nor answered our e-mail. Thought you were a nursery, guess you are just a fulfillment house. We have not yet planted the plants due to the low temperatures. Will do so today despite freezing temps at night. Some advice would have been appropriate and an answer to question as to why they were shipped immediately. The 25 potted plants have been sitting in water on top of kitchen counter, guess there is no guarantee on the products, since no one will respond to our concerns. Very disappointed.


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