Review of Ostrich Fern {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Ostrich Fern Assessment
04/24/2019 By DARRYL RUSS (OH)

My entire experience with Classy Groundcovers was nothing short of exceptional. I was not sure exactly what I wanted to purchase when I first chatted with Kevin online. He was very patient with my numerous questions and extremely knowledgeable about the different ferns available, their size at maturity, planting instructions, and number of plants needed for my project.. First, I decided to have the plants arrive at my house in early March (I purchased them in February). The weather was poor for outdoor planting so I had the company hold my plants until notified to ship them. A month later I contacted Kevin to say I was ready to receive my plants. Immediately and on such short notice, Kevin gave me the exact days my plants would be shipped and would arrive (they came in less that one week). The plant were beautiful. They were strong, healthy specimens neatly packaged and protected from damage during their shipment. None of the 100 Ostrich Ferns stems were broken. The plants arrived in perfect shape. I know where to go for quality service and plants. Thank you Kevin and thank you Classy Groundcovers.


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