Review of Candytuft 'Snow Cone' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

Failed to Thrive
04/27/2019 By Debbie Waters (NY)

Half of these died within the first season. I hoped the rest would thrive the 2nd season and start spreading. That didn't happen. By the 2nd season there was just 2 left and this season not one. I was so hopeful for these and am so disappointed.
04/27/2019 Update These plants did not thrive. Some immediately died and than after just 18 months I’m down to only 2 still alive. I was very excited at having these as a ground cover but am extremely disappointed. I spent over $700 in 2017 buying many different plants Vinca, Mondo,, etc and about 1/4 of each type I bought either died within the first few months or have by now. These were the worst. I feel that’s not a great return on my investment. The company did try and correct some of the immediate replacements but I’m guessing it’s too long now. A shame because they do arrive quickly and some were in great shape and are still thriving but it’s a lot to spend to have lost so many.


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