Review of Christmas Fern {Bare Root Plants, min 10}

Christmas Fern
07/02/2019 By Charlotte Mayerson (NY)

This was the worst prepared and packaged plant shipment I ever had. Plants were knotted together, some big, some small, roots entangled. I won't order from you again. CLM

07/02/2019 Classy Groundcovers comment:
We are sad that you chose not to contact us with your issue, we would certainly do whatever it takes to make you happy. These plants are dug up from a field and placed together in a bag for shipment. The roots of individual plants are not entangled when planted, perhaps they became so in shipment. Did you actually lose a single plant after transplant? We show you what to expect to receive in the 8th photo on the product page, do you feel that what you received was in any way inferior?


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