Review of Daylily 'Orange' {Bare Root Plants, min 25}

Exceeded expectations!
09/25/2019 By Qatana Samanen (PA)

I'm so happy with the daylilies Classy Groundcovers sent me. They were so robust that they began sending up fresh shoots just three days after I planted them.

There were two or three that seemed noticeably smaller than the others. This irritated me, until I realized they had packed a few more than I ordered. These small ones were gifts from the company!

The other thing that I really appreciated was that they gave me the option of requesting a specific shipping date. I took advantage of this, to avoid delivery at a time when I was going to be away. The daylilies arrived exactly when I was ready to plant them. Another nursery did not offer that service. The plants they sent arrived two weeks after I'd ordered them - I never had imagined that it would take them that long to get them out. This was the very day I left for a four day weekend, so they had to sit around until after my return.

I wholeheartedly recommend Classy Groundcovers


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