Review of Asiatic Jasmine {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Very pleased so far with 250 bare root plants
12/03/2019 By Barbara Baron (FL)

The plants arrived exactly when scheduled. I was surprised to find that all 250 plants fit in such a small box. They were bundled in groups of 50. Although they were tiny, every one was healthy and had leaves and roots. The paper surrounding them kept them from drying out. I had prepared the beds in advance by turning in some manure/compost so digging the little holes was easy. I spaced them about 8 inches apart in a random pattern to avoid "rows". After all were planted I placed a thin layer of mulch in and around them to retain moisture and inhibit weeds. My goal is to have something that will grow in shady areas where the grass I had failed miserably. I believe this will do it but they've only been in the ground for a week so it's too soon to tell. I'm very optimistic.


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