Review of Lily Turf 'Royal Purple' {Bare Root Plants, min 25}

To be determined
04/07/2020 By Tyler Beam (NC)

I adjusted my review after quick response and hope I can continue to nourish the plants I received and possibly replace the few that may not make it.
04/07/2020 Update I ordered 2 different varieties and there was a big difference in the quality of the 2 types I received. The Samantha variety had larger nice bare roots while the Royal Purple were mostly brown and much smaller if existent at all. A lot of them in fact did not have roots. Now nearly 2 weeks after planting the Samantha seem ok but the Royal Purple are still questionable. I’m hoping they make it as it was a lot of time and money invested in planting them.

04/07/2020 Classy Groundcovers comment:
They should have looked like the plant on the right in this photo - - although the foliage is a bit shorter this early in the season as it has not had much time to grow back after winter. If some did not, let me know how many and whether you prefer replacements or a refund. I apologize if the packers included any substandard plants, we are short-staffed and overworked because of the virus.


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