Review of Lily Turf 'John Burch' {Bare Root Plants, min 25}

Time will tell
04/09/2020 By Marvetta Wotton (TX)

Changing to a 5 star due to the excellent customer service and offers to do what was needed to make the customer happy! Wonderful.....
04/09/2020 Update I ordered 75 bare root liriope most all where green when they arrived and had good roots, however about 7 of them where brown and had one tiny root on it.
They have only been in the ground about 2 days so not possible to say if all will live especially the ones that look very questionable. But overall I'm satisfied with the order, product and the communication about shipping. As it stands right now I would order here again

04/09/2020 Classy Groundcovers comment:
I apologize if packers gave you any substandard plants, things are chaotic here with the effects of covid-19. If you would like a refund or replacement for some of the plants, let me know.


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