Review of Daylily 'Hyperion' {Bare Root Plants, min 25}

05/06/2020 By Nancy Cole (CT)

I am so happy to have the opportunity to say how pleased I was with all of my interactions with Classy groundcovers. I ordered 25 Hemetocallic hyperion. They arrived, well packaged. In very good shape and they went in the ground the next day. I was pleased because they were robust and healthy and they've been in the ground now for 4 days and I'm thinking and another 10 days I'll see some stability and growth but they're all doing well and I just couldn't be happier. What I like most about doing business with Classy Groundcovers was my conversation or my chat with Kevin. He was the best and I think if I hadn't had a chance to chat with him I'm not sure that I would have bought the plants but he seemed knowledgeable and credible and very interested in my questions. So I'll be back again next year


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