Review of 25% off Shady White Deer Mix #2: 25 White False Spirea, 25 Monroe White Lilyturf, 25 Lily-of-the-Valley

A Winning Combination
06/04/2020 By Jim Harris (CT)

Ordered three sets, 75 plant of each.
I was expecting nothing but root mass with the bare root astilbe. Instead i recieved plants with nice foliage, some with flowers, almost all with significant roots. I'd say 5 out of the 75 were insignificant, with wisps of root structure. The were planted on a 65 degree day after the sun was behind the trees. There was some foliage sun scald after the next day. They will recover.
The liriope were potted. All had nice foliage, most had heavy root growth within the pot. Only three of the 75 were on the weaker side.
The lily of the valley were bare root. These were the most diverse in quality, some with minimal root, some with significant. All should survive.

All plants arrived nicely hydrated with moist packing media.


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