Review of Blue Sedge {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

excellent as always
06/23/2020 By Caroline Kastner (GA)

This is the second type of Carex I have purchased from CGC. Carex can handle a good amount of shade as well as sun, and I have areas that change sun amount with the seasons. Again the plants arrived rapidly and when expected (I used the 'choose date of shipment' option). They were mildly pot-bound, probably because they have done their Spring growth. all they needed was a little root separation, quickly done.
The growth was very good on every one of 50 plants. All are now planted, looking great. I think they will not grow much until cooler weather.
Summer here will be hot so my next order will be Ajuga in the Fall. Excellent plants, good price.
gardener in Savannah


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