Review of Lily Turf 'Royal Purple' {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Large, beautiful bare root Liriope!
09/16/2020 By Donna Hudspeth (AL)

I was thrilled with the beautiful bare root Liriope I recently received from Classy Groundcovers. The plants were much larger than I had expected and were freshly dug and shipped. I soaked the bare roots, drained the water and wrapped the roots in damp towels until I was able to plant the next day. I am planting in hard, sandy clay so mixed a good potting soil to add to my planting holes to help the plants get started. With my 6" auger, I dug holes 6" deep and wide, added some of my soil mix to each and spaced 3 bareroot plants around each hole, then backfilled with a mixture of the removed soil and my soil mixture. I made sure each plant had its crown just above ground level, then watered in my plants. Not a single plant drooped after planting. They are all upright and very happy.

I had ordered and planted 100 bare root plants but received an additional 40 plants in my shipment. Thank you so very much! The 100 plants made the border I wanted while the extra 40 started an additional flower bed border. Of course, I will be ordering another 100 to finish my second border.

I have previously ordered mondo grass, vinca and Stella De Oro daylilies from Classy Groundcovers, all bare root, and have been extremely pleased with what I have received. This is the only safe place I have found that dependably ships excellent quality bare root plants. You can order bare root plants from Classy Groundcovers with total confidence that you will receive the very best possible plants!


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