Review of Purple Mazus {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}

As Expected
09/16/2020 By Teresa Rafi (VA)

09/16/2020 Plants arrived as expected. By the time i got them in the ground, one day after delivery, they may have started drying out a bit--it had been really rainy and the night before i planted them, i left them open and out in the yard so they'd get some rain but I think it didn't rain as much that night as I thought it would. I perhaps should have given them a bit of water but since i planted the next day, no harm. They were somewhat stuck together (the leggy runners) and i felt like i was damaging some of them in pulling them apart. It's been a few days since planting and they are looking good. I am hoping they get decently established before cold weather sets in and then they'll be able to really take off in the Spring.


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