Review of Bugleweed 'Catlin's Giant' {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Great Ajuga Plants!
09/22/2020 By Donna Hudspeth (AL)

I recently ordered 25 Catlin's Giant and 25 Black Scallop ajuga plants because I wasn't sure which I would like best. Both were perfect for my shady area, and the plants were exceptional. At some point during shipment, the boxes had been turned upside down, spilling soil from the pots and
breaking several leaves in both boxes of plants. I carefully trimmed the damaged foliage, dug my holes and planted. These ajuga plants recovered overnight and are just beautiful. That kind of mishandling in shipping would have destroyed most mail order plants, but the plants I get from Classy Groundcovers are always strong, healthy plants that are determined to survive. I still can't tell you which ajuga I prefer. The Catlin's Giant plants are a little more upright, lighter and more varied in color than the Black Scallop, while the Black Scallop with their dark, shiny foliage seem to glow. I think I did the smart thing by buying both! Love these plants, and so glad I discovered Classy Groundcovers.


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