Review of Asiatic Jasmine {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

order received
11/25/2020 By Bill Arnold (TX)

I ordered 300 jasmine plants but what I actually got was 6 - 3" diameter clumps of jasmine that I am supposed to tear apart to supposedly come up with 300 plants. I thought there may have been a shipping mistake until I called you and was told that. I shipped the order back to you and do expect a refund.

Not happy as I can get what I need from one of your competitors.

Bill Arnold

11/26/2020 Classy Groundcovers comment:
As we explained by phone, each bundle is comprised of 50 bare root plants, and as the photos you looked at before ordering show, we are very clear about what to expect the bare root Asiatic Jasmine to look like. We will refund you due to the misunderstanding, but in the future please explore the full description and pictures of the plants and the state they are in to avoid unrealistic expectations.


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