Review of Dwarf Mondo Grass {50 Bare Root plants}

Beautiful Dwarf Mondo Grass
06/29/2017 By Kathleen Sekula

06/29/2017 Every step of the process of purchasing Mondo Grass from Classy Groundcovers was smooth. Mondo grass is not easy to find where I live. No nursery in my area carried them. Once I located them online cg helped me understand how to decide which to buy (bare roots versus potted plants) and how they would fit into the space I described. I purchased both and am more than satisfied with how they look. My son and daughter in law have Mondo grass in pathways in their landscape (planted by a gardener a few years ago) and their pathways look much like the photos on CG's website. What I like most about this particular grass - the beautiful deep green color, the way they grow into a nice round mound but do not spread all over the place like other grasses often do, and ease of planting and care.

They arrived on a warm day in perfect shape and looked beautiful in the box - such a beautiful shade of green! I purchased them for a hard to cover part of my land scape and so far they doing just fine (three weeks out). I am looking forward to watching them fill in. What was also extremely helpful for someone like me who is not an expert gardener was their directions for planting and care that arrived with the plants.
The service provided was outstanding! I cannot think of one thing they could have done better.


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