Review of Creeping Lily Turf {50 Bare Root plants}

09/27/2017 By K.B.

09/27/2017 I have ordered from this vendor prior to this and my lloriope order was exactly as I expected and arrived on the date requested. All plants, both orders of 250 each one week apart, were planted the next day. We used an auger on an electric drill to drill each hole and I planted each on hands and knees. All plants are alive and well one week later. I ordered from Keith who described the plants accurately and helped me with the order. One day after planting on a steep slope, the company that fertilizes my yard ran over the area with their little tractor. There was no damage to the plants. I have been told/warned by friends that this plant spreads almost uncontrollably. That is exactly what I want as they are planted on the side of my house on a steep slope and can spread as far and wide into the woods as they like.


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