Review of Asiatic Jasmine {50 Bare Root plants}

50 Bare Roots
03/07/2018 By Marvin Raulston

03/07/2018 Not being a master gardener or even having a green thumb, I ordered 100 cheaper "bare root" Jasmine plants, rather than the potted ones.
Counting them is next to impossible but I feel it is fair to say I received approximately 110-120. Some had pretty well established roots; at the other end of the scale, there were some with one root. The latter I put 2-3 to a hole.
After three days, all are alive and well although my wife says that -being an early octogenarian- I will not live long enough to see the hand-dug area a mass of beautiful green Trachelospermum Asiaticum.
Seriously, the plants arrived healthy, with sufficient moisture, and are doing well. As advertised.
Even with a two-day delay caused by the unnamed shipper; the package was missent from Montgomery AL to Chipley FL and the next day back to Montgomery to be placed on the proper brown truck. Not a fault of Classy Groundcovers.
And two days on the working end of a shovel and rake was good exercise! A good buy!


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