Review of Phlox 'Blue Emerald' {25 Pots - 3 1/2 in.}

AMAZING Plants!!!
03/13/2018 By Tara Serafin

03/13/2018 Wow!!! These are, by far, the most healthy, beautiful, mail-order plants I have EVER received!!! When my order was shipped, I was quite a bit nervous because we had just had a major snowstorm here in New England. As I anticipated, the plants (ground phlox) were delayed in transit. When they finally arrived, I expected the worse when I opened the box. But they were PERFECT!!! Packed really good for travel, (and getting tossed about in a few trucks.) They also actually have flowers and buds on them. I am a very happy customer, .... waiting for the snow to the phlox sit under a grow-light waiting to go in the ground. ☺️


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