Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {500 Bare Root plants}

04/13/2018 By Thomas Green

04/13/2018 These 500 plants were not shipped when requested and as such we had to wait to plant them which caused about 85% of the plants to fail due to cold weather. They were not in the ground and established by the first frost due to us having to wait 3 weeks for them to arrive and plant. We were provided a refund but spent 3 entire days planting these only to have them fail due to the late shipping.

We also ordered a second shipment of 250 Plants. Promptly planted these a few weeks ago but they are not doing very well. We just ordered a smaller batch of Vincas to give this company one final try. Will report back on this order once we receive and plant.

04/13/2018 Classy Groundcovers comment:
Tom, your first shipment was delayed a week because of a problem with UPS, not 3 weeks, 1 week would not change the life expectancy significantly. You ordered them October 4th (which would have been an excellent time to plant) and requested a ship date of 11/6, we shipped 11/13. It is not fair to blame us because you chose to plant in November.

What does "not doing well" mean? What is wrong with the ones you received last month? Were they not in perfect shape when you received them?


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