Review of Autumn Joy Stonecrop {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

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06/19/2014 By Doug Day

06/19/2014 23 excellent looking plants and one with broken stem. They arrived later than expected. Planted next day. Planted on steep hill which had been covered with mulch about 8 months. Was very difficult planting deep enough with adequate loose soil around the root. This is a real test for your plant. Check back in a couple months.

06/18/2014 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:


Your order came in late on Thursday, it was too late to ship that week and get it to you before the weekend (if we had shipped it the next day the plants would have spent three days in transit instead of one day).
We shipped it early the following week and delivered it a day later.

Re: 23 excellent looking plants and one with broken stem, a 3-star rating seems a little harsh for one damaged plant. If you had contacted us we would have given you a credit for it. Do you want a credit for the value of one plant?


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