Review of Lily Turf 'Big Blue' {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Ordered something completely unsuitable...
05/24/2018 By Laura Lartigue

05/24/2018 I ordered the wrong type of Liriope, unfortunately we don't have a contained space in our backyard and was told by a very helpful salesperson on Classy Groundcovers chat space that what I ordered would eventually take ovver our entire back yard, yikes! Needless to say I didn't put this in the ground. What I should've ordered was a liriope suitable for a border (not "creeping"). Sad because the plants arribed just fine but I couldn't send them back and now have nothing to plant. :( I wish I'd known that on the front end.

05/24/2018 Classy Groundcovers comment:
Why do the plants deserve a 1-star rating? It is not their fault that they are unsuitable for your intended purpose, the creeping nature of this variety is clearly explained.


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