Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {54 Pots - 2 1/2 in.}

Not Very Classy
05/25/2018 By Marybeth Lewandowski

05/25/2018 Stay away from this company! If it was possible to leave 0 stars I would , especially after speaking to Kevin in customer service. He is the most rude, aggressive, manipulative person I have ever come across. A bully who is definitely in the wrong position. Better suited in a job without customer interface. I don’t usually bother to leave reviews ( especially negative ones) but my experience with him was horrendous. Bottom line you can find much better quality plants at Lowe’s or Home Depot without encountering total jerks.

05/25/2018 Classy Groundcovers comment:
What was the problem with your order?
The only correspondence history I see is Catherine replying to your April 25th request for an update of when your order will ship.


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