Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {1000 Bare Root plants}

06/20/2018 By Leslie DeBord

06/20/2018 I ordered a thousand bare root plants, the only slight issues I had, were, on the website it said plants would be delivered in 3 days and this particular variety ships only on Monday. So I was not yet prepared with help to put all these plants in the ground when they got here on Wednesday. Website also said to follow the instructions but there were no instructions included in the shipment. Other than those two small things my whole experience was fabulous!

I had to send a message through their website and they called me back promptly and answered every question I had. The next day when I and my nephew were out planting we had a couple other questions but with no customer service number the best I could do was go back to the website and send a message through that. Sure enough within 5 minutes I got a call back and he answered the questions.

The plants were extremely fresh and it was hard for me to make enough time to get them all in the ground but I was instructed how to store the ones that needed to wait a day and now they are all in the ground less than a week since I started. The side of the yard that I started on has many many many little green buds, so the plants are already thriving and have only been in the ground 6 days.

I am truly amazed that they are sprouting that fast and I cannot imagine finding any other company that ships a superior quality products such as this. I highly recommend classy groundcovers.

I just took a picture this evening to show my nephew who helped me plant. If I knew how to share it in this review I would, it's truly amazing.


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