Review of Bugleweed 'Bronze Beauty' {3 1/2 in. Pots min 25}

Absolutely Beautiful Bugleweed!
07/03/2018 By Elizabeth Nelson

May 2019
All the replacement Bugleweed we ordered and planted in June last year winter killed. The plants that escaped the "herbicide attack" came back and are doing well. Hmmmmmmm.
07/03/2018 Update Our lawn service (fertilizer & weed control) had a new tech onboard and his carelessness wiped out about 20 feet of established bugleweed we used as ground cover bordering our Hosta beds. The company stepped up offering to replace our lost plants, plants we'd taken years to grow and spread. Locally replacement plants were either out of season, out of stock or totally unreasonably priced for the number we needed.

The plants we received from Classy Groundcovers were gorgeous! Healthy and well developed with lots! of runners ready to spread out and replace our loss.

Although we hope not to suffer through something like this again we now know where to buy excellent plants at a fair price and will likely be back in the future. Loved the free and fast shipping in very appropriate packaging.

Well done Classy Groundcovers!


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