Review of Golden Variegated Sweet Flag {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Perfect border for our backyard dry creek
07/11/2018 By Christopher Fleury

Ordered 25 pots to border an area on our backyard dry creek. This area gets direct sun most of the day and is in zone 7 (Charlotte, NC). The Sweet Flags have thrived and already substantially increased in size with minimal to no watering -- just as we wanted.

Classy Groundcovers' service was excellent. I really like the date specific ordering. This is a definite cut above most online gardening retailers. I knew when the box would arrive and had the Sweet Flags in the ground about 2 hours after UPS delivered.

The shipment itself was well insulated and supported. The 25 plants all arrived moist and healthy, and just needed a light hose off before planting. Perfect.

I am highly satisfied with my purchase and will order again in the future.


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