Review of Dwarf Mondo Grass {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Best Groundcover Plants in the USA
07/31/2018 By Donna Hudspeth

Ordered 300 bare root Dwarf Mondo Grass plants and am so happy with what I received. The plants looked freshly dug with healthy root systems. These are tough little plants that never complained about being yanked from their home and replanted in Alabama. Nor have they complained about being up-rooted by armadillos and replanted a second time, now covered by wire fencing to deter rooting critters. Only plants shipped by Classy Groundcovers could sustain such abuse and still continue growing and looking beautiful. We love the plants and will be ordering another 300 within the next month. I had previously ordered and planted 500 vinca groundcover plants which were also healthy bare root plants that have done exceptionally well. You can't go wrong with plants from Classy Groundcovers.


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