Review of Greater (Large Leaf) Periwinkle {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

06/24/2014 By Whitney Denman

I ordered these root planes along with Baltic ivy for my sloping backyard. They arrived in newspaper, damp and tightly bundled. Upon separation most of these looked decent although the leaves were a bit weepy. After planting with good soil and watering appropriately the plants appeared to be in shock or unable to handle transplanting. Some leaves fell off and some plants died outright within a week. Even with consistent and adequate watering.

06/24/2014 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:

It is not normal for that to happen, it sounds like they got baked during transit.
If you had advised us that they did not arrive in perfect shape we would have offered to replace them right away and save you the planting chore.
We are willing to ship you whatever you want to replace, let me know if you want to do that.
They should arrive looking like they just came out of the ground.
The Vinca might drop some leaves because of transplanting, but normally the ivies do not.


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