Review of Candytuft 'Snow Cone' {3 1/2 in. Pots, min 25}

Update to above Review-dismal 'Customer Service'
10/08/2014 By Sheila MENSCHING

Sadly, I must revise my experience rating for this company. I have contacted Catherine regarding my concerns for the plants received last fall and have been treated with nothing but disrespect and an basically told I am a moron to think that a human being actually is involved in the process of customer service. She told me I got what I paid for, but this is not a discounted price..... I can buy this plant for the SAME price I paid CGC... I was so enamoured with the web site and felt that I was in good hands purchasing from this company. The emails received from Catherine are shockingly contemptuous. She does not even hide her disdain with a 'bless your heart' for thinking we give a damn, with 10's of thousands of orders - we don't need you measly few hundred bucks.
So, buying from this company should be restricted to those with the entire Dave's Garden library fully memorized - real 'smart folk' that don't just read the specs and descriptions.

05/28/2015 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:

Sheila, I am sorry that you took our comments to be derogatory. I was simply trying to explain why it is not reasonable to expect us to study everyone's purchase and consider whether they they might be making a mistake because of their zone or the time of the year. Some people plant indoors, where such factors would be irrelevant.

As evidenced by your initial review above, the plants arrived in perfect condition. Is it really fair to change your rating for this plant from 5 stars to 1 star because you didn't like the tone of our email when we advised you that planting in Minneapolis in October did not give the plants enough time to get established before winter?
10/08/2014 Update This is my first order with Classy Ground Covers and I have been ordering plants online for many years. I cannot begin to compare this experience because other companies cannot compare to the Service, Speed, Condition of plants, Size and health of plants that arrived at my door yesterday! The website is AWESOME and each offering is lovingly described as to what makes it happy and how to best succeed with the new additions. The communication from the moment I placed the order to 5 days later when they arrived was beyond anything I've experienced before. I opened the box to find the bushy, green, HEALTHY plantlings - super moist and surrounded in wet newspaper to keep them so. I am so excited to see what next Spring brings to this neglected area of my yard... SnowCone Candy Tuft was recommended as a plant for this specific area and I have to say - it may be hard to ignore these lovely little plants! I have all 24 plants in the ground and not a one in the bunch looked peaked or suffering! I am pending the in-stock notification for the Elfin Thyme I want to get- and can only say - Classy Ground Covers has a new life time customer!


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