Review of Periwinkle 'Traditional' {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

Very Responsive Customer Service & Healthy Plants
03/20/2015 By Paula Berg

5 star customer service and 5 star quality of plants.
03/24/2015 Update After I was unable to plant within a week of receiving my plants, because the ground remains frozen, Customer Service agreed to send me another shipment 3 weeks from now. The plants look very healthy--wish I could plant them.
03/20/2015 Update I wrongly assumed that my plants, which arrived yesterday, would be sent when it was appropriate to plant them. They are now sitting in a box in my refrigerator as I am look out the window at 4-6 inches of falling snow. Everywhere else, I have ever ordered plants from waits to ship until the plants can be planted. Apparently, classy groundcovers ships immediately and then it is your problem. I called and they were unwilling to take the plants back. Last time I do business with this company.

03/21/2015 ============= Classy Groundcovers comment:
Yes, it was incorrect to assume that we would not ship your plants right away unless you advised otherwise.
When you checked out we explained that we were shipping ASAP and you were offered the option to indicate when you wanted the plants shipped if you did not want them shipped right away.

Even though the problem was not caused by us we offered to reship the plants at a later date. Bare root plants would not have survived being returned (they would have been out of the ground more than a week by the time they were returned).


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