Review of Asiatic Jasmine {50 Bare Root plants}

half of the order good.
04/17/2015 By Ericka Grant

04/17/2015 We received 2 bunches of these plants. The first one was not very good - many of the plants had little roots, single stem. Second bunch was twice as good with sturdy plants & many 2 stems.

Planted everything since I really needed to cover a hill. Lots of work for a 76 year old, will probably need more if the weak ones do not work & if most work will need another order too.

04/17/2015: ===== Classy Groundcovers comment:
I wish you had told us you were not happy.
Can we replace whatever was not perfect? How many can we send?

04/17/2015: ===== Classy Groundcovers comment:
Reshipping 50 plants to replace substandard ones.


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