Review of Asiatic Jasmine {Bare Root Plants, min 50}

04/24/2015 By Sol Koppel

I ordered 50 Asiatic Jasmine bare toot plants. They were shipped about two days after my order and they arrived three days after shipping. The packaging was excellent as far as I’m concerned I was advised to try to plant them as soon as possible for best results. And, I was able to do so. UPS rang my bell to make sure that I new that I had a package waiting for me. I took me about two hours to plant all of the plants (didn’t rush). I watered that plantings as soon as I was done and I’m making sure that I water them every day to hopefully get the best results. I was so pleased with the order that I ordered a second set to complete the planting of the area that I’m trying to cover. Now I’m waiting for the results to show up. I guess it will take a few months for this to happen. I’m also going to get their planting guide to try to learn a lot more about taking care of plants. Will most definitely order from this company in the future. I’m pretty confident that I will be getting positive results from the current plantings.


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